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Ways to Ruin Your ATV

Ways to Ruin Your ATV

Owning an all-terrain vehicle is a lot of fun but it isn’t all fun and games. There is a lot of upkeep that goes into keeping your ATV in working order. If you don’t follow a few basics of care and maintenance, you are basically running your all-terrain vehicle into the ground. Here are a few of the most common ways to ruin your ATV you need to avoid for a long life riding your favorite set of wheels.

  1. 1. Skipping oil changes

    One of the worst ways to ruin your ATV is to skip on the regular oil changes. Oil changes keep your engine running like clockwork while collecting all sorts of things during operation and without changing it, you run the risk of a buildup that makes the engine less efficient. If you skip oil changes, chances are you aren’t checking your oil levels regularly either. An engine without proper oil level will eventually lock up to the point the only option is a costly new engine.

  2. 2. Never changing the air filter

    The air filter is often overlooked, and many people underestimate the importance of its function. An air filter helps to filter out dirt and particles before they reach your engine. A dirty engine is an engine in trouble. If you never change your air filter, you are slowly but surely clogging your engine and ruining the heart of the machine.

  3. 3. Submerging it

    One of the fastest ways to ruin your ATV is to submerge it. Whether you submerge it in water or mud, both are bad for the ATV if it goes up past the tires and into the deeper, mechanical components of your ride. If you accidentally submerge your ATV, you are looking at trouble for all your major systems including the engine. In fact, the first step in recovering a submerged ATV is to get it out of the water or mud and flip it on its back to drain as much of it out but never turn on the engine to avoid the moisture being sucked deeper inside the engine until it has dried out.

  4. 4. Crashing it

    Crashing your ATV is a surefire way to ruin it. A lot of crashes are a result of showing off or being overly confident in the abilities of either the rider or the all-terrain vehicle. If you are showing off and trying to pop a wheelie on your ATV and crash it into a tree, that is an easy way to wreck your ATV and your pride. If you crash because you are going faster than you should, this is another stupid way to ruin your vehicle.

  5. 5. Never cleaning it

    If you never clean your all-terrain vehicle, you are leaving it vulnerable to buildup that can creep into all the important areas from welded joints full of gunk to oil buildup on the underside. It can also wear down the paint job and frame when there is a buildup of dirt, grease, and grime. Since most people use their ATVs for muddy riding, there is also a danger of an accumulation of mud and moisture which can be bad for your vehicle.