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Tips to Prevent ATV Theft

Tips to Prevent ATV Theft

When you own an ATV, you want to protect it and make sure you have the enjoyment of riding it for years to come. While other types of vehicles, such as cars are stolen more often, your all-terrain vehicle is still at risk of being stolen. Here are a few great tips to prevent ATV theft so you can keep riding without worry.

  1. 1. Never leave the keys on the ATV

    One of the biggest tips to prevent ATV theft is also one of the simplest. Too many people leave the keys to the ATV either in the ignition or in their ride bag and then wonder why their vehicle goes missing. While it is super convenient to keep the keys on the vehicle, this is a terrible idea from a security standpoint. You should never leave the keys anywhere near the vehicle unless you want it stolen.

  2. 2. Chain it up

    Since an all-terrain vehicle doesn’t have locks the way a car does, you have to get creative. One of the best ways to secure your ATV is to chain it to a tree. If you chain it to a tree, it will be harder to steal and will give you more peace of mind. Make sure you use a thick chain that isn’t easy to cut through and a padlock of high quality to avoid issues.

  3. 3. Place padlocks on the brake rotors

    One of the lesser known tips to prevent ATV theft is to place padlocks on the brake rotors. If you have drilled rotor brakes, you can easily slip the locking shaft through one of the holes in the rotor. This will make it harder for thieves to roll away with your vehicle.

  4. 4. Remove certain fuses

    You want to make it as difficult and inconvenient as possible for thieves to steal your ATV so they just give up. Since fuses are essential to being able to start and operate the vehicle, removing a few fuses will be enough of a hassle to deter the thieves from persisting. For example, a good idea is to remove fuses such as those related to the key switch in an electric start ignition system, or fuses related to the fuel system or starter. You can even remove the fuel pump if you are storing the vehicle for a bit and want to make it even more difficult to steal.

  5. 5. Store it somewhere safe

    All tips and tricks aside, the best way to prevent theft is to store your all-terrain vehicle in a safe location. If you can store it in a locked garage or storage unit, it will be less likely someone will try to mess with it or steal it. It will also make sure the vehicle is protected from the elements of nature which is also a benefit to a designated storage location.