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Tips for Quieting Your ATV

Tips for Quieting Your ATV

When you ride an all-terrain vehicle, you expect a certain level of noise. When your ATV is louder than normal to the point it’s a distraction, there may be a bigger issue at hand. Here are a few great tips for quieting your ATV so you know where to start.

  1. 1. Look for loose metal or rack

    One of the best tips for quieting your ATV is to look for any loose metal components which may be causing a rattling or clinking sound when you ride. This can include everything from the rack itself hitting the frame from improper fastening to items stored on the rack which are hitting either the frame or the rack. If you experience a metal clacking noise when riding, it is usually related to this element. It is easy to fix by either tightening the rack itself or rearranging the items you are carrying on the rack to avoid them hitting the frame.

  2. 2. Check for exhaust leaks

    One of the more common noise makers on an ATV is an exhaust leak. This is caused by cracks or leaks and creates an annoying whistling sound that can be unpleasant while riding. The easiest way to fix it is to check every welded joint near the tubing since most leaks occur where the pipe meets the engine. If you find leaks and a whistling sound, it is a relatively easy fix with the right part or a little quick welding.

  3. 3. Keep your wheel bearings clean

    One of the easiest tips for quieting your ATV is to keep wheel bearings clean. If you notice a screeching sound when riding, it is most likely your wheel bearings. This area can easily become full of muddy water which will lead to a build-up of crud and create that screeching sound that is so unpleasant while riding. If this is the case, simply clean out the wheel bearings and make sure they are in good condition.

  4. 4. Check the brakes

    If the noise is only when you are braking and not when you are in motion, the issue is most likely related to the brake system and needs to be dealt with immediately. If the noise is a squeaking or screeching sound, it could be everything from worn out brake pads which need to be replaced as soon as possible for safety reasons to something as simple as dirty braking components you need to clean before your next ride.

  5. 5. Add a silencing muffler

    Some ATVs are just too loud for your preference and this is where a silencer muffler product comes in. A silencer muffler attaches to the muffler itself with very little in the way of modifications, but it can lower the sound produced by a few decibels which might be a worthy investment for you if you want a quieter ATV.