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Summer ATV Riding Apparel

Summer ATV Riding Apparel

The environment of summer ATV riding is a whole different ballgame than winter riding. Instead of chilling temperatures and piercing winds, you’re now facing scorching heat, humidity, and scores of nagging insects. Summer riding is tons of fun, but only with the right type of apparel. Unlike winter apparel, the need for warmth is now irrelevant. Now, you’re instead trying to wick away as much sweat as possible. There’s nothing worse than feeling overheated and sticky from riding. This is why ventilation is so key in summer riding. Your pants, jersey, helmet, gloves, and other apparel must have open areas to allow body heat to escape. The airflow is what makes the greatest difference between an awesome ride and a miserable one. Here are the best types of apparel to choose to stay cool and comfortable while cruising the trails and track this summer. Let’s start ground up.

  1. Cooling Riding Socks: While your boots won’t change, the type of socks you wear during the summer will. Instead of thick woolen socks, you’ll instead shop for socks designed with cooling fabrics. Options from popular brands like Fox Racing and Alpinestars utilize Coolmax fabric that facilitates air flow within the sock. As air passes through your boots, it’ll be able to zip through your socks as well. The cooler your feet are, the less likelihood of developing painful heel blisters. Comfortable feet make for a great ride.

  2. Lightweight, Heavy-Duty Pants: Having the right type of riding pants is crucial during the summer. If you don’t have any ventilation, sweat and friction will cause what’s called “monkey butt.” You don’t want to deal with this kind of chafing, so do yourself a favor and take time to research summer ATV riding pants. These should be heavy-duty, but lightweight and designed with mesh panels to allow air to flow through. Make sure areas that come in contact with the machine, like the inner legs, are reinforced to keep your skin protected. With the proper riding pants, you’ll feel much more comfortable during your next all-day ride. Fly Racing offers a wide range of summer appropriate options, as well as DSG, Fox Racing, and Answer.

  3. Mesh Jersey: The type of jersey you wear while riding is important. As the summer sun beats down, a cotton long sleeve t-shirt just won’t be able to deliver the ventilation your body needs. You can actually overheat this way, which is not ideal any time, but especially while driving an ATV! A long sleeve mesh jersey is the way to go. These will keep airborne debris and tree branches away from your skin, as well as let air into the fabric to wick away sweat. The mesh will dispose of built-up body heat, helping to keep you cooler and more comfortable. Shop for mesh jerseys that have shorty cuffs, which are designed to enhance rider comfort. If you can, don’t choose a dark colored jersey. Instead, opt for white or another light-colored option that will absorb less heat. Polaris offers a range of high-quality mesh jerseys to choose from.

  4. Lightweight Gloves: Keep it lightweight and thin when it comes to summer riding gloves. You want minimal bulk and material designed to ventilate. If you go ahead with your winter gloves, your hands will work up a sweat quickly, which will feel hot and sticky. All in all, it’s best to avoid them and add a new pair to your gear collection. Lycra is a popular fabric for lightweight riding gloves, as well as perforated leather if that’s your thing. Sweat will be absorbed by these materials, keeping your hands dryer for better grip and comfort. Find lightweight gloves from manufacturers like Fox Racing, TLD, and Fly Racing.

  5. Ventilated Helmet: As you’re riding, your head will naturally sweat, so it’s important you pick out the right ATV helmet. Imagine wearing a helmet with little to no ventilation in the heat of the summer. Talk about uncomfortable! Helmets typically feature different types of ports and vents for air flow, so your search shouldn’t be difficult here. Choose a nice full-face helmet in a light color (dark colors absorb more heat) with plentiful openings. If you really want a black or dark helmet, save it for the winter season when heat absorption is important. Do a little research to find a great helmet that fits your budget and suits your needs.

Need a reliable source to shop ATV apparel? Polaris Parts Nation has the right selection for you! From mesh jerseys and gloves to socks and helmets, we offer dozens of excellent options to add to your ATV gear to keep you cool this summer. As officially licensed Polaris options (with a huge collection of aftermarket gear), you can assemble complete matching sets without breaking the bank!