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Summer ATV Accessories

Summer ATV Accessories

It’s summertime, which means it’s the perfect season for ATVing. Maybe you’ve recently purchased your ATV and want to add on some great accessories. There are so many on the market today that it can be tough to determine what’s worth it. We’ve rounded up the best summer ATV accessories to add to your machine this year that will make rides even more memorable and thrilling. Make your machine the talk of the group with accessories that make hot weather riding more comfortable, convenient, and cooler.

  1. Seat Protector: During the summer, your seat is susceptible to damaging UV rays and rainstorms. Equip a seat protector to your ATV for a more comfortable ride, as many of these are designed with molded foam. As you’re riding the trails, a seat protector will give you that extra bit of comfort you need on an otherwise firm ATV seat.

  2. Storage Boxes and Bags: Having enough storage is key for a good time. Install a rear gear box for the things you don’t need within arms reach and a saddle bag to keep fragile items up close. The idea is to have enough space to bring along everything you could possibly need while out on the trails. This includes emergency equipment, snacks, your phone, extra clothing, and whatever else you may need for the day’s ride.

  3. Phone Mount: Want to have your phone out for use while riding? Get a reliable mount for it so it stays put while you’re driving. This is a safer way to make calls and use your GPS without holding it and driving. A popular option is the RAM Mount Cradle Universal X-Grip Phone Holder. It features a stainless-steel mounting base, an adjustable ball and socket design, and a spring-loaded grip.

  4. Sound System: Along with the phone mount, a sound system is a fantastic summer ATV accessory. Nothing is better than listening to your favorite music while off-roading with a group of friends. Choose a sound system that is weather-proofed, like the Sound Storm All-Terrain Sound System. These install on the handlebar and plug into the 12-bvolt cigarette lighter. With Bluetooth capability, you can use streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora. If you want louder sound than your factory stereo produces, an aftermarket sound system is the way to go.

  5. GPS: In times where you don’t have cell service, a GPS is a must-have. These don’t rely on cell towers, so you can navigate out of your location without worry. These can make a world of difference in tracking how far you’re from your home or camp, especially if you don’t have a map. Bring a high-quality GPS so you always have a way back home.

  6. Tire Plugs and Air Compressor: While off-roading, you’re bound to end up with a puncture or two in your tires. Have a tire plug kit and air compressor on hand in your gear box so you can quickly patch problems up. These items are inexpensive and pay for themselves over time, especially after the first several cuts in the tires. Without them, your fun riding day in the summer sun will become a wash.

  7. Fuel Can: Don’t let detours run you to empty! Keep a fuel can full of gas equipped to your ATV. This way, you aren’t constantly thinking about how much you’ve got left in the tank. This is useful for others in your group too, as they could find themselves in a bind should they run out of fuel. Store your can in a rear gear box or front basket.

  8. Spare Tools: Every ATV rider should have a set of spare tools for common issues. Things like lug wrenches, screwdrivers, duct tape, zip ties, and more should be in the tool bag. Have enough to fix tires, change out belts, replace spark plugs, and other situations you could encounter while away from the shop.

  9. Front Basket: Front baskets are awesome to have. They provide a ton of storage if you’re going to be out on the trails all day. Store hard coolers, camping equipment, fuel cans, and other gear on these. They won’t cramp you up on the seat, which is a major plus.

  10. LED Lights: Light up the trail for early morning and evening riding with LEDs. These are much brighter than factory lights, helping to guide you through dim paths, fog, rainstorms, and whatever else you encounter. Plus, they make your ATV look awesome.

With these ATV accessories, you’ll be able to seriously upgrade your ATV! With additional storage, better sounds and light, and extra riding comfort, you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade with these accessories sooner. Get ready for a summer season full of great ATV memories with family and friends.