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Polaris Resource Guides

How to Choose an ATV HelmetHow to Choose an ATV Helmet

An all-terrain vehicle is a fun way to test your riding skills and take on new terrains. While it is definitely a lot of fun to ride, an ATV can also be rather dangerous, especially if you aren’t wearing the right helmet.

How to Build a Snowmobile Repair KitHow to Build a Snowmobile Repair Kit

A snowmobile is a fun way to keep riding in winter when other vehicles are out of commission for the season. While a snowmobile is always a good time, getting stranded with a stuck snowmobile is never fun.

How to Wash an ATVHow to Wash an ATV

An all-terrain vehicle is known for offering fun and enjoyment as you navigate caked-on trails. It is also pretty popular for mudding and just good old dirty fun.

History of SlingshotsHistory of Slingshots

There are plenty of vehicles on the market for the average consumer to have their pick. The Polaris Slingshot however is not for the average consumer looking to stay within the realm of the everyday or mundane.

Slingshot Safety RecommendationsSlingshot Safety Recommendations

The Polaris Slingshot is a unique and exciting powersport vehicle to own. The look and driving style of the Slingshot is something many motorcycle enthusiasts are drawn to.

Safety Tips For Riding In The SnowSafety Tips For Riding In The Snow

With winter comes snow riding, which is the favorite of many in the powersport world. Riding snowmobiles and Timbersled®s both recreationally and competitively offers some of the most exciting experiences riders have.

Safe Operation Tips For Side by SidesSafe Operation Tips For Side by Sides

Side by sides are akin to cars in that they operate with similar controls. You have the set-up of a car—steering wheel, seatbelts, gas and brake pedals, and a passenger seat—without the fully enclosed design.

Best ATV ApparelBest ATV Apparel

If you are a proud all-terrain vehicle owner, you already know there are a few must-have items in terms of gear. The clothing you wear while riding can make or break any ride for even the best rider.

Choosing the Best Timbersled ApparelChoosing the Best Timbersled Apparel

The Polaris Timbersled is a unique machine made for winter fun. This intrepid snowbike gives riders a smooth yet exciting ride through snowy terrains all season long.

Snowmobile SafetySnowmobile Safety

With a snowmobile, you can ride over snowy landscapes and take in the beauty of a winter wonderland. While this is a fun way to get around in the winter for your riding needs, there are a few safety measures to make the most of your season.

How to Rebuild a Snowmobile Steering SystemHow to Rebuild a Snowmobile Steering System

A snowmobile is an investment in fun. Without proper maintenance of key areas, your machine will eventually become harder to drive and put an end to your winter riding fun. When it comes to the steering system on your snowmobile, this is one of the most important elements to keep up on for a great ride.

Slingshot MaintenanceSlingshot Maintenance

As one of the most unique designs on the market today, the Polaris Slingshot has certainly made a name for itself in the short time its been around. This unique three-wheeled motorcycle is a fun way to get around and turn heads at the same time.

How to Change the Back Tire of a SlingshotHow to Change the Back Tire of a Slingshot

With its unique design and penchant for power with every ride, the Polaris Slingshot made a bold statement when it was first introduced to the market. Since then, it has continued to excite and excel for those looking for a unique set of wheels.

How to Replace a Snowmobile Seat CoverHow to Replace a Snowmobile Seat Cover

As the proud owner of a Polaris snowmobile, you are probably familiar with a few basic repairs and maintenance tasks to keep your machine in top shape. Since this is a vehicle exposed to such tough riding conditions, there are bound to be tears or holes in the seat eventually if you keep your snowmobile long enough.

How to Wash a SnowmobileHow to Wash a Snowmobile

If you are the proud owner of a snowmobile, you know there are certain elements of care which are non-negotiable. Keeping your ride clean is one of the most important elements of care for this vehicle which is exposed to harsh weather, snow, slush, and dirt.

How to Wash a SlingshotHow to Wash a Slingshot

As one of the most unique types of vehicles on the market, the Polaris Slingshot is a trendsetter everywhere it goes. The perfect mix between a car, a motorcycle, and a utility style vehicle, this intrepid vehicle is one of a kind.

Polaris Slingshot Buying GuidePolaris Slingshot Buying Guide

The Polaris Slingshot is a one of kind vehicle with a unique design that immediately catches the eye. With the single back wheel and two front wheels, this is a three-wheeler that turns the industry on its head with a sleek design. Heralded as the "three-wheeled motorcycle", this vehicle gives the feel of a motorcycle with more stability.


Polaris Timbersled MaintenancePolaris Timbersled Maintenance

There are certain vehicles on the market which aim to please by combining two experiences in one. The Polaris Timbersled is called a “snow bike” and blends the best elements of a snowmobile and dirt bike in one for a riding experience unlike any other on the scene.


Timbersled Riding TipsTimbersled Riding Tips

Created as an alternative to traditional snowmobiles, the Polaris Timbersled takes the best of a snowmobile and combines it with the best of a dirt bike for a crossbreed vehicle sure to excite with every ride. If you are new to this type of vehicle, you might be on the hunt for suggestions to make the ride easier or safer.


How to Adjust Snowmobile SuspensionHow to Adjust Snowmobile Suspension

Are you getting the best ride possible on your snowmobile? One of the biggest mistakes that any new rider can make is assuming that the dealer set his or her sled up correctly. In reality, many of the sleds you probably see on the trail do not have the suspension set up properly.


Snowmobile MaintenanceSnowmobile Maintenance

Snowmobiles are built to last between 10,000 and 15,000 miles on average. However, routine maintenance can help you keep your sled in peak condition and on the snow for much longer than that.


How to Replace Reed CagesHow to Replace Reed Cages

Of all the assemblies and parts on a typical two-stroke snowmobile, reed valves might be one of the most neglected. All too often, snowmobiling enthusiasts compromise on performance or deal with an engine that's difficult to start because of worn reed petals.


ATV Maintenance Tips ATV Maintenance Tips

When looking for ways to make the most of your all-terrain vehicle, the matter of maintaining it will help it last longer and ride better.

Tips to Prevent ATV Theft Tips to Prevent ATV Theft

When you own an ATV, you want to protect it and make sure you have the enjoyment of riding it for years to come. While other types of vehicles, such as cars are stolen more often, your all-terrain vehicle is still at risk of being stolen.

Tips for Quieting Your ATV Tips for Quieting Your ATV

When you ride an all-terrain vehicle, you expect a certain level of noise. When your ATV is louder than normal to the point it’s a distraction, there may be a bigger issue at hand.

Necessary ATV Maintenance Necessary ATV Maintenance

As a responsible all-terrain vehicle owner, there are certain maintenance tasks you need to do on a regular basis to ensure the vitality and performance of your favorite set of wheels.

How to Adjust Your Exhaust on Your ATV How to Adjust Your Exhaust on Your ATV

When looking to improve the performance of your all-terrain vehicle, the exhaust is an obvious place to start. Since this area of the vehicle will contribute to the power overall, it is important to make sure it is in good condition and performing at the highest possible standards.

Fog Proofing Riding Goggles Fog Proofing Riding Goggles

When you are riding, the matter of visibility is crucial to safety. If you can't see in front of you, you are in greater danger of accidents or wrecking your favorite set of wheels.

ATV Safety Tips ATV Safety Tips

As a new rider, the matter of safety should never be overlooked. While an all-terrain vehicle is a lot of fun, there are a few unique risks associated with them, such as flipping them over, losing control, or accidents in general.

How to Get Your ATV Out of a Ditch How to Get Your ATV Out of a Ditch

When riding an all-terrain vehicle, taking turns without decreasing speed can be a fun way to get some adrenaline. If you do this near a ditch and lose control, you end up with a problem.

ATV Basics ATV Basics

If you are new to the world of all-terrain vehicles or just looking to purchase your first vehicle, it can seem like there is a lot of lingo to decipher. While you certainly don’t need to learn a second language, you do need a foundation of some basics about ATVs.

Ways to Ruin Your ATV Ways to Ruin Your ATV

Owning an all-terrain vehicle is a lot of fun but it isn’t all fun and games. There is a lot of upkeep that goes into keeping your ATV in working order.

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