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Replacing Snowmobile Helmets

Replacing Snowmobile Helmets

Snowmobile helmets are a part of the necessary gear needed that riders get excited about. With their full-face design, there are now tons of different styles that add to the look of a snowmobiler’s overall appearance. You’ve probably been on the trails and thought, “Man, that guy has an awesome helmet!” It’s common to think about looks first instead of safety. However, that’s the sole reason that they’re worn! When did you buy the helmet that you currently wear? A year ago? Four or five years ago? There are obvious signs that indicate when it’s time to replace your snowmobiling helmet, and some that are not so easily detectable to the eye. As you prepare your snowmobile for the upcoming trips and order new gear to wear on the trails, include your helmet in your prep process. Before the next season begins, ensure your helmet is up to par to keep your head protected for all the rides ahead. Consider the below circumstances to determine if yours is good to go this year or ready to be upgraded.

  1. The Helmet Has No Safety Certifications: This is a big one. Check inside your helmet to see if it includes certification from a major safety organization like SNELL, DOT, or ECE. Within the United States, these bodies have strict standards that prioritize rider safety. If you don’t see stickers for any of these organizations, you need to upgrade to a more reliable helmet. Reputable helmet manufacturers are certified with these bodies, so you should see at least two or more of these safety stickers.

  2. You’ve Been in A Crash: If you had a wipe out in your helmet, the chances of your helmet taking on damage are high. If you see cracks, dents, or damage to the chin straps, it will need to be replaced. What you won’t be able to see are fractures in the foam inside the helmet. It’s smart to assume that if you took a spill that ended up with your head on the ground, the foam has cracked. Don’t brush this one off!

  3. Your Helmet is Over 3 Years Old: SNELL, DOT, and ECE all recommend you swap out helmets every 3 to 5 years. This is because like cell phones and shoes, they take a beating with frequent use. Think about it. Your snowmobiling helmet is tossed around from your car to the garage. It’s battered by tree branches, the occasional airborne rock, and other harmful objects. Maybe you’ve dropped it out of your hand onto hard pavement. The 3 to 5 year recommendation is put in place simply because helmets just wear out. Fiberglass or plastic covering the foam will become brittle over time, which you may have already noticed if yours has begun to splinter. The wear and tear of on-season use takes a toll on them. Try to remember when you purchased yours and determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

  4. Your Helmet Isn’t Fitting Quite Right: Maybe your snowmobiling helmet isn’t very old, but you’ve noticed it’s fitting weird. If the comfort padding or chin straps feel loose whatsoever, it’s time for a replacement. You want a snug, but not tight fitting helmet that will stay in place in the event of a collision. There should be no movement of the helmet when it’s on.

  5. Youth Rider Helmet Safety: Are your kids into snowmobiling, too? If so, their helmet safety is incredibly important. While they may always be in your sight, an accident can happen in the blink of an eye! Check their snowmobiling helmets as you would your own. The important factor here is that, as they grow, they’ll need to go through helmets more quickly. Before the season begins, do a thorough check to ensure their helmets are in excellent condition and fit snugly. Chances are your kids have grown since the last season, meaning new helmets are in order. This will give you the peace of mind you need.

Feeling bummed out about needing to upgrade from your awesome helmet? Don’t! Think of it as getting a new cell phone. You’ll have better technology built into your helmet than one you purchased four years ago. In these circumstances, sticking with the old isn’t a good thing. Plus, you can still get a similar look to your old helmet, so you really aren’t missing out on style. Even if you don’t notice the improvements right away, you will when you find yourself in a crash and your new helmet has kept your head safe. At Polaris Parts Nation, you’ll find an array of safety certified snowmobiling helmets to choose from. Browse helmets from Bell, Polaris, Fly Racing, and other reputable manufacturers for both youth and adult riders. We also offer helmet accessories and replacement parts for your convenience.