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There are certain vehicles that are meant for work and certain vehicles meant for play. The Polaris General is in a category all its own with the unique distinction of being considered a recreational utility vehicle. It can be used for work or play while offering superior stability and control coupled with powerful features that make it fun to drive. When you need the right Polaris General parts to keep up with such an intrepid vehicle, we have you covered. 

When looking at the history of the General, it isn’t a long, storied one like other models, but what the model lacks in time it makes up for with prowess. First introduced in 2016, this model features a ProStar 999cc twin engine, which delivers an impressive 100 horsepower and 65 foot-pounds of torque, making it one of the most beast-like machines on the market today. It also uses a four-wheel disc brake system with dual-piston calipers operating on steel rotors which give the vehicle incredible stopping power. From the stability to the option of being a 2 or 4-seater without compromising one bit on power, it is no wonder the General has been making waves since it was introduced to the market a relatively short time ago.  

We offer one of the largest selections of Polaris general parts to help you experience this vehicle in all the power you expect. Our inventory features all of the essentials you need to keep your vehicle performing in top condition. Whether on the hunt for a front bumper, door decals, pistons, fuel tanks, or suspension items, we have it all in one convenient location. Best of all, we offer OEM Polaris General parts straight from the manufacturer to ensure the right fit and performance for an outcome to live up to the name. Choose from Polaris General parts covering a range of years to make shopping hassle-free. Regardless of which year your model is or what part you’re in the market for, we are confident you will find everything you need right here. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us for further assistance. We will gladly assist you in finding the right parts for your vehicle. 

Polaris General Parts FAQs

Q: Why OEM parts when aftermarket are cheaper?
A: While you can save big on aftermarket parts, there are a few cons. Not only does quality vary with aftermarket parts, but they often do not come with a warranty. If you want a guaranteed fit, OEM parts are the way to go. They come with warranties and are specifically designed to match your make and model. While they might be more expensive, there is zero guesswork with OEM.

Q: Where do I find my Polaris GENERAL model number?
A: What you’re looking for here is the VIN. The VIN is located on the frame in the left rear wheel well. This applies to all GENERAL models.

Q: Where can I find all the OEM parts for a Polaris GENERAL?
A: No matter what OEM parts you need for your Polaris GENERAL, you can find them here at Polaris Parts Nation. We offer a huge selection of parts for models produced in 2016 up to the current year.

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