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Necessary Timbersled Accessories

Necessary Timbersled Accessories

Have you recently purchased a Polaris Timbersled and are looking for the essentials you need before hitting the snow? Outside of aesthetics and performance, there are a few necessary Timbersled accessories you’ll need for riding protection, vehicle longevity, and rider comfort. If you’re unsure of what items you really need, we have the answers you’re looking for! Here are 10 must-have accessories for the Timbersled that will make your ride a safer and more enjoyable one.

  1. Beacon: You absolutely should not ride your Timbersled without a beacon equipped. These are Bluetooth-enabled devices that allow you to communicate with partner devices and transceivers. Should you have an accident or encounter inclement weather, you’ll be able to reach others to secure safe extraction. Without a beacon, you could be stranded without a way to notify others of your location. Of all the items on this list, a beacon from a reliable brand has to be the top.

  2. Avalanche Pack: In the event of an avalanche, will you be prepared to take swift action to get to safety? While you don’t expect to ever see one, it should never be assumed that they won’t happen. An avalanche pack is designed to quickly inflate with an airbag should you get caught in the rush of the moving snow. There are many brands to choose from, but all avalanche packs work essentially the same. You pull a tab and the airbag at the back of the pack immediately inflates to help you float atop the slide. These are a bit expensive, however, they could save your life.

    Aside from the airbag, you can use these as backpacks to store other essentials like collapsible shovels, snow probes, food, and more.

  3. Avalanche Shovel: Another essential accessory to strap onto the Timbersled or store in your backpack is an avalanche shovel. These come in handy for emergencies, allowing you to quickly dig your bike and others out from heavy snow. Many of these come apart to reveal a built-in hand saw or pickaxe as well. They’re also useful in non-emergencies, as you’ll be able to free your bike when stuck and other situations where snow must be moved.

  4. Snow Flap: Snow flaps install on the back of the Timbersled to help minimize the kicked up snow and debris from the track. These are great to have on your bike, as they’ll also keep snow from flying up into the faces of riders behind you. Depending on your Timbersled model, there are OEM and aftermarket options to fit it.

  5. Recovery Straps: When your Timbersled is stuck in the snow, you’ll need a good pair of straps to pull it out. A pair of Tugger Straps can be extremely helpful, allowing you to hook the straps on the front or back of the bike to make extraction a bit easier. Keep a quality tow rope on your Timbersled as well, which will allow you to be towed out of sketchy spots and help your buddies out.

  6. Timbersled Cover: When you’ve turned in for the day, don’t just let your Timbersled be exposed to the elements! Protect your investment with a fitted cover to keep dirt, road grime, insects, rocks, and other debris from damage your bike. Use it for overnight storage, transport, and off-season storage. A great cover will keep your Timbersled looking great for years to come, as the sun’s UV rays won’t fade the paint.

  7. Fuel Can Install Kit: Want to ride further for longer periods of time? Of course you do – who doesn’t? Install a fuel can kit on your Timbersled to attach a fuel can to your bike. These include a cover to protect the fuel can and ratchet straps to secure it into place. With one of these installed, you can save yourself from potential crisis when you or a buddy runs low on gas.

  8. Storage Boxes or Bags: Every Timbersled needs some form of storage, whether you prefer a cargo box, large storage bag, or dry bags. Whatever your storage needs are, ensure you have room to pack everything you need for your ride. There are boxes and bags specifically designed to strap onto the Timbersled so you can store things like food, extra gloves, water, your phone, batteries, extra oil, tow straps, and much more. Choose bags that attach to the sub-frame extrusion of the ARO chassis or rear tunnel area. You can also strap on a tool roll, which can hold all the tools you could need in a convenient, space-saving roll-up storage bag.

  9. Rear Bumper: If your Timbersled doesn’t already have one, consider installing a rear bumper. These will help protect the back of the bike and provide a lifting point when moving the bike onto your truck or trailer, out of the snow or into the garage. Plus, rear bumpers come in a variety of colors, so they’ll add to the aesthetic of the bike.

  10. Voyager Gauge: A Voyager Gauge is your source for all your Timbersled information. From engine temperature to elevation, this is the ultimate accessory for those wanting the stats of their bike. This gauge also gives riders the opportunity to log their rides and share them with friends. Monitor your bike’s distance, engine RPM, ambient temperature, voltage, and more.

Timbersleds are the ultimate bikes to tear up snowy hills and mountainsides. With the right accessories equipped, you’ll have a safe, comfortable, and functional ride every time!