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Necessary Slingshot Accessories

Necessary Slingshot Accessories

Whether you’ve just purchased a Polaris Slingshot or have been an owner for a while, there are necessary accessories that you should consider equipping your vehicle with for the very best riding experience. Maybe you’ve noticed that you’d like to have a wind deflector or better storage options for loose items in the vehicle. We’ll cover 10 must-have accessories for your Slingshot that will make your future trips more functional, safe, and comfortable.

  1. Wind Deflector: While driving, you may find that you’d like to have a wind deflector installed on your Slingshot. These will keep you and your passenger protected from airborne road debris without affecting the look of your Slingshot. Polaris OEM wind deflectors are offered in short and tall options. The short wind deflectors—called Rippers— are 7.5” high with no tint, 3/16” dark tint polycarbonate, or smoke tint. If you’d prefer a taller wind deflector, Polaris also offers a 9.5” option with fixed vents allowing air to enter the cabin. These are great because they cut down on the noise in the cockpit. Whichever style you choose, you’ll be better protected while driving.

  2. Front and Rear Mud Flaps: If your Slingshot doesn’t already have mud flaps, it’s a smart idea to get them installed on the front and rear. The Slingshot front tires can kick up rainwater and debris, and without a traditional windshield, it could all splash up into the cabin. Front mud flaps will help minimize this, which also protects other drivers behind you from airborne rocks. Back mud flaps will keep dirt and debris from collecting about the rear swing arm, which can cause damage if left to accrue. Lastly, there are a variety of color options to match your Slingshot and add to its appearance.

  3. Skid Plate: Though you’ll seldom see the undercarriage of your Slingshot, protecting it is very important for longevity. A quality skid plate can help protect the vehicle frame and oil pan, and some insurance companies may ask that you equip your Slingshot with a skid plate for additional oil pan protection. You’ll see these skid plates that are installed in a flush mount position. These can be found from aftermarket companies.

  4. Fire Extinguisher: A fire extinguisher is a must-have for any vehicle, especially the Slingshot. You never know when and where an accident will occur, even if you’re an extremely safe driver. As gloomy as it sounds, a fire extinguisher could make the difference between life and death! Add an extinguisher and mounting bracket to your Slingshot so you know exactly where it is at all times. These often come in either red or black, so you’ll get a touch of aesthetic appeal with them too.

  5. Fitted Car Cover: When the Slingshot isn’t in use, cover it up! Even if you store yours in the garage or other enclosed area, keeping the vehicle covered will help protect it from dust, moisture, and other potentially harmful substances. Fitted options won’t blow off during high winds and won’t allow for rain puddles to accumulate. If you keep your Slingshot outdoors during the warmer months, a fitted car cover can block UV rays from fading the interior. Many of these are designed with vents to allow for moisture control.

  6. Heat Shields: This is one you may not have considered. While driving the Slingshot, has your passenger remarked on the foot area becoming a little too hot? This is because the muffler, catalytic converter, and exhaust manifold are all in close proximity to one another on the right side of the vehicle. Because of this, the heat from them is concentrated right at the passenger’s feet. You’ve likely felt this heat yourself. There are a few heat shield options you can use to help minimize this issue.

    There are complete kits that come with heat-reflective panels for the transmission tunnel, rocker panels and center console, as well as larger shields for the floor. Some heat shields are designed only to cover the exhaust manifold.

  7. Transmission Dust Cover: A transmission dust cover is an easy and inexpensive accessory that will prevent flying debris from entering the exposed flywheel. These are simply stainless steel covers that fit atop your transmission. A small, but incredibly useful upgrade!

  8. Roof Top: When owning a Slingshot in a wet region becomes a little less thrilling because of the rain, a roof top is a necessary accessory. There are a variety of aftermarket roof tops to suit your needs, from hydraulic roofs to full enclosures. Not only will a roof top protect you and your passenger from severe weather, but also cut down on headwind and the sun’s UV rays. If you prefer, some even allow for canopies to be removed for good days, so you won’t miss out on that total open-air experience.

  9. Storage Bags: The more functional storage you have in the cabin, the less loose objects you’ll have while in motion. Additional bags will help keep the Slingshot clean and decrease the risk of things launching forward when braking. There are many bag options available that prioritize space, like ones that install on the sides of the center console for easy access. Others attach to the underside of the dash and behind the seat.

  10. Battery Heat Insulation Kit: Who doesn’t want to extend the life of their battery? They’re expensive to replace, and for Slingshots, can be damaged by the large amount of heat and vibration from the vehicle. A battery heat insulation kit is designed to fit over top the battery, in which you cut it down to size. With this accessory, you can dampen vibration and realistically make your battery last longer. Plus, these also absorb and neutralize battery acid should yours ever leak. Scoop one of these inexpensive kits up to save yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run.

With these 10 necessary Slingshot accessories, you can vastly improve your riding experience and extend the lifespan of various parts of the vehicle.