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Necessary ATV Maintenance

Necessary ATV Maintenance

As a responsible all-terrain vehicle owner, there are certain maintenance tasks you need to do on a regular basis to ensure the vitality and performance of your favorite set of wheels. Here are the top 10 necessary ATV maintenance tasks every owner should know and follow.

  1. 1. Get regular oil changes

    One of the most necessary ATV maintenance tasks is getting the oil changed. This should be a regularly scheduled task based on the miles you are adding to your vehicle. Without an oil change every now and then, your ATV will fill up with crud and buildup or run out of oil to run properly. A locked-up engine is never fun so make sure you stay on top of this based on your mileage and the needs of your vehicle.

  2. 2. Check tire pressure and condition

    The tires are the thing that makes an ATV so much fun because of the way they grab rough terrain. You should regularly check tires for the right air pressure as suggested by the manufacturer to ensure they aren’t overinflated or underinflated since either one can present problems down the road. Tires should also be regularly checked for punctures or signs of loss of tread which will mean it is time to replace them.

  3. 3. Replace old air filters

    Another of the more necessary ATV maintenance tasks is replacing old air filters. The air filters are essential to how well your ATV runs and a dirty, clogged up air filter is sure to become an issue if left unattended.

  4. 4. Check the swingarm bolt

    Swingarm bolts are known to come loose on a somewhat regular basis thanks to the location of the bolt and the typically rough riding of an ATV. This aspect should be checked regularly. In fact, you should tighten your swingarm pivot bolt before every ride to make sure you don’t run into problems.

  5. 5. Grease it up

    While you don’t want a buildup of too much lubricant, you do want to make sure things are well oiled. Basically, anywhere you can put a grease gun, such as pivot points, gets a little grease. You should check the manufacturer manual to make sure you use the right grease for your vehicle and follow any guidelines for this aspect of vehicle care.

  6. 6. Maintain the brakes

    The brakes are essential to the life of your ATV. You should regularly check the brake rotors and pads to make sure they are in good condition, are free from buildup, and ready to ride. The brakes will sometimes tell you when something is wrong, such as a screeching sound when pressing the brake, but you should still regularly check them even if they seem to present no sound or issues just to be safe.

  7. 7. Inspect the chain

    The chain should be part of your inspection. You want to look for any signs of damage or broken parts you need to replace. You should check the manual as well to make sure you have it on the right tension and then adjust it as needed before every ride.

  8. 8. Tighten lug nuts regularly

    When you are out and about riding rough trails and terrains, the lug nuts on your wheels can become loose from the various jolts and shocks. A loose lug nut can lead to a host of issues with your tires and traction so make sure you tighten them before every ride as part of your maintenance checklist.

  9. 9. Check all fluids

    You should regularly check to make sure your ATV has enough oil, brake fluid, coolant, and any other essential fluids necessary for it to run properly. These fluids should be checked at least every month, depending on how often you ride.

  10. 10. Check the axle nut

    This is another maintenance task you should take care of on a regular basis. Much like the swingarm bolt, the axle nut is notorious for becoming loose after riding rough trails. Make sure you tighten this component regularly, if not before every ride, to make sure you don’t run into issues later on.