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How to Wash A Timbersled

How to Wash A Timbersled

Whether you’re washing your Polaris Timbersled mid-season or preparing it for storage, knowing how to properly care for your snow bike is the key to making it last. Allowing grime to collect can damage your plastics and a serviced chain can be major trouble for the sled kit. The good thing is that washing Timbersleds takes no time at all, since you’re riding in snow. This is one of the qualities most people enjoy! There is no dust or dirt to really scrub off like you have with traditional dirt bike tracks and trails. Here is the best way to clean and preserve your Timbersled for many more seasons of use and summertime storage.

Washing Your Polaris Timbersled

  1. Bring your bike into your garage, shed, or other dry location where there is plentiful light.
  2. Starting at the front of the snow bike, work your way to the back with a damp cloth to remove any particles, making sure you hit the cowling, side panels, chassis, and plastic parts.
  3. Check over the entire track for areas that need to be cleaned.
  4. For soiled areas, use a non-corrosive, dirt bike friendly cleaner to buff away dirt and grime.
  5. If there is any corrosive salt or acid present, make sure it’s totally removed with your cleaner. You don’t want to seal this in while waxing.
  6. Dry your Timbersled with a dry microfiber cloth.

Waxing Your Polaris Timbersled

  1. With a quality wax, make your way around your Timbersled and apply wax to the plastics.
  2. Allow the wax to cure for a few minutes.
  3. Once the wax appears white, gently buff it off.
  4. Re-lube your chain. You can do this by letting the Timbersled idle while you lube the chain so it’s evenly dispersed. Depending on your Timbersled model, you may have to remove the chain case cover.

If you do plan to store your Timbersled, choose a dry location like an enclosed shed or garage. This should be away from direct sunlight to keep the plastics in good condition. Cover the Timbersled with a fabric snow bike cover.

What if you’re removing the sled kit and getting the bike ready for the spring and summer seasons? In this case, follow the above steps for the sled portion. Then with the dirt bike frame, wash it as you normally would. This is a quick and easy process, as your tires should already be clean and ready to re-install when the bike is clean.

  1. Remove the seat and air filter. Install an airbox cover and then re-install the seat bolts.
  2. Place a wash plug into the muffler.
  3. If you didn’t clean your chain in the above steps, do it here. Use a wire brush to remove the grease.
  4. Lay the bike on its side with the handlebar on a bike stand or something else to keep it from getting damaged.
  5. Gently spray down the bike.
  6. Remove the skid plate and spray down the other side.
  7. If needed, scrub away dirt from the underside of the frame. A Scotch-Brite pad will do the trick. Spray off when finished.
  8. Move the bike upright on a stand and begin your normal washing with a dirt bike-friendly, non-corrosive soap. Use a soft brush to scrub the frame.
  9. Hose the bike down and dry it with a clean microfiber towel. You can use an air gun to rid water from small areas.
  10. Reapply grease to the connectors and lube to the chain.
  11. Wax the bike to rid any marks and light scratches.

For more maintenance information, see your Polaris Timbersled owner’s manual.