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How to Wash a Slingshot

How to Wash a Slingshot

As one of the most unique types of vehicles on the market, the Polaris Slingshot is a trendsetter everywhere it goes. The perfect mix between a car, a motorcycle, and a utility style vehicle, this intrepid vehicle is one of a kind. If you are the proud owner of this exciting vehicle, you may have some questions on how to wash a Slingshot. Let’s take a closer look at this matter to make sure you are caring for the vehicle in the right manner.

Can you run through the car wash?

One of the most common things when figuring out how to wash a Slingshot is the question of running it through the car wash. If you look at the Slingshot, you think there is no way you would run it through a car wash since it has no roof. Many people compare the Slingshot to a convertible in design, but this doesn’t quite do it justice. A convertible has a roof so you could technically take it through the car wash if you wanted. What about the Slingshot? For starters, the Slingshot is designed in such a way that if you wanted to take it through a car wash, even without a roof to protect it, you could thanks to elements of design such as drains in the floorboard and a waterproof glove box in select models. The downside is the driver will definitely get soaked. If you have always wanted to go through a car wash in your bathing suit just to say you did, then this is the option for you! If you are a bit more normal, then you will need a few tips on how to wash a slingshot the old-fashioned way.

Tips for Slingshot Cleaning

  • Do not use high pressurized water to wash your vehicle. While you can use a pressure washer for the outside of the vehicle, you should never use it on anything other than a low setting. If you use a high setting, you run the risk of water seeping in and destroying important areas such as wheel bearings, brake calipers, transmission seals, and electrical connectors. You should never spray water directly in any air intakes, exhausts outlets, electrical components, or the radiator.

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners. Aside from water pressure, the most important thing is to make sure you don’t use an abrasive cleaner. You want to use either dish soap and warm water or what you wash your car with to wash the exterior body of your Slingshot. You also want to avoid using any abrasive sponges or scrubs pads when cleaning. You should use a soft sponge or a rag to clean the vehicle. This will help prevent any scratches.

  • Rinse off as much dirt as possible before moving on to any buildup. Using a hose or a low setting pressure washer, spray off as much buildup on the exterior as you can, taking care to avoid the wheel hubs and bearings. Once you remove the buildup, you can start using your sponge and cleaner to get the body clean.

  • Handle buildup with multiple cleanings rather than harsher methods. If your vehicle hasn’t been cleaned in some time, you may have more buildup than what can be washed away in one quick spray. While you may be tempted to just turn up the power on your pressure washer or use a harsher cleaning agent and a tougher scrub pad, this is a bad idea because it can damage your vehicle. It takes very little to go right through a layer of buildup and take off some paint with it. It’s better to repeat the steps of cleaning and spraying more than once than to use something stronger to save time and end up stripping the paint away.

  • Be careful around delicate areas. When it comes to spraying, cleaning, and rinsing, you need to use care in certain areas. For example, you should never spray water anywhere near the air intake or exhaust pipe openings. If they do get wet, you should properly dry them with a clean, dry rag or towel before you start your Slingshot again.

  • Spiff up the wheels. The wheel hubs can be wiped down with a clean damp rag to get any residue off the metal. While you can’t spray any water directly in this area to protect the bearings, you can still spiff up the wheels with a rag and shine up the hub caps!

  • Tend to the interior. The interior of your ride needs cleaning as well. The easiest way to clean the riding compartment is with approved and safe wipes similar to what you would use in your car. Make sure whatever interior wipes you use that you test them out first on a small inconspicuous area to make sure they are safe to use. If you have leather interior on your Slingshot, leather wipes can add a bit of polishing to keep them looking and feeling their best for a comfortable, stylish ride.

  • Dry it. You want to thoroughly dry your ride after cleaning. This will prevent any rust accumulating in important metal areas, as well as prevent any splotches or streaks. Simply use a dry, clean towel and wipe away any water left behind after a cleaning.

  • Add a little wax. When finishing up the cleaning of this intrepid vehicle, you should add a bit of wax to the body frame. Wax will not only let you polish it up for a nice shine and pleasing appearance, but it will also act as a thin barrier of protection against scratches when you take it out for a ride.

  • Cover it. Once your ride is thoroughly cleaned, dried, and polished, you should cover it or store in the garage. If you leave it sitting in the sun in the driveway, you leave it vulnerable to sun damage to the leather and the ride getting dirty without you even getting a chance to ride it. Make sure you cover it or store it properly until your next ride.