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How to Tow a Slingshot

How to Tow a Slingshot

An innovative set of wheels, the Slingshot put three-wheeled motorcycles of a sleeker type on the map. With the fun handling and unique look, this ride is always up for a good time. If you are the proud owner of one of these intrepid models, there may come a time when you need a tow. This unique vehicle may seem confusing to tow, but the answer is rather simple. Let's take a look at how to tow a Slingshot the right way and why it matters.

When it comes to how to tow a Slingshot, it is a good idea to start with what not to do. If you think you can simply tow this model like any other vehicle using a tow truck or a car dolly, you are wrong. If you do either of these options, you run the risk of putting strain and pressure on the frame which could lead to costly damage. So, what do you use to tow a Slingshot? The only option for towing this vehicle is a trailer or flatbed truck. These two options allow the Slingshot to stay flat and eliminate any strain being placed on the frame. It is important to note when using a trailer instead of a flatbed truck that the trailer must have an approved load rating greater than the weight of the Slingshot. This weight is not the manufacturer's specified weight, but rather the weight the manufacturer specifies combined with the added weight of any installed accessories or non-standard cargo. If you choose a trailer unable to withstand the weight, you run the risk of ruining the trailer, the Slingshot, and causing an accident on the highway. If you can't find a trailer to meet the weight needs, you may need the flatbed option instead.

Now that you know what you can use to tow the Slingshot, we can break down the steps to take once it is one the trailer or flatbed truck.

  • Start by placing the transmission in gear and engaging the parking brake.
  • Next, turn the key off and remove.
  • Secure all cargo or remove items from vehicle to prevent theft or loss.
  • Secure the storage compartment doors.
  • Place blocks at all wheels. Place the blocks both in front and behind each tire to avoid any issues.
  • Secure the frame to the transporting unit with suitable tie-down straps. Each strap used to tie down should be added together based on working load limit and it should come out to a higher number than the weight of the Slingshot total. Make sure you secure the straps to the A-arms and rear swing arm rather than the lower front trim. This will provide the best hold without the potential for damage.
  • Once everything is secure, you can begin towing, driving carefully at a reduced speed.

• An important safety reminder: Never allow anyone to ride in the Slingshot while it is being towed. This is dangerous and completely unnecessary.