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How To Install A Rear Fender On A Slingshot

How To Install A Rear Fender On A Slingshot

If you've had a rear fender become damaged from a collision, inclement weather, or something else, don't run to your repair shop just yet! With the right tools, you can install a rear fender on a Slingshot on your own. Maybe you don't have a rear fender installed on your Slingshot and are ready to add on for style and protection against airborne debris in the road. In this guide, we'll walk you through installation from start to finish. Note that this is a general guide, as your model, rear tire size, and chosen rear fender will affect the installation process. For the sake of this article, we're following Polaris' guidelines for all 2017 and newer S, SL, and SLR models. Here's what you'll need to complete this installation:

  • Safety glasses
  • Four rubber chocks
  • Floor jack (or other vehicle lift)
  • 2 socket sets (one metric, the other Torx Bit)
  • Torque wrench
  • A metric wrench set

Getting Started

First, park your Slingshot on a flat surface with the parking brake on and then shut it off. You'll remove the belt guard by uninstalling the three screws. Then, remove your license plate holder with a torque wrench. Continue by removing the three hex nuts from the rear shock clevis bolts (DON'T remove the bolts themselves just yet). Then, use your car jack to raise the rear wheel so you can get to work on the rear fender installation. This should only be high enough to where the pressure on the suspension is relieved. Secure the rubber chocks at the front and rear of the front wheels so the vehicle is totally immobile. At the rear tire, remove the three rear shock clevis bolts and then the clevis.

Shock Clevis (For S and SL Models)

For these models, insert the rear clevis spacer into your new rear shock clevis. Then, insert the three bolts through the shock clevis space assembly in the same way. Finally, install the narrow fender spacer onto those bolts.

Shock Clevis (For SLR Models)

This installation process is almost identical to the S and SL models, minus one step. First, insert the rear clevis spacer into the new rear shock clevis. Then, you'll insert the three bolts through the shock clevis spacer assembly.

Shock Clevis Installation (All Models)

Take your new rear fender and install it onto the three bolts from the previous step. Then, use three nuts and torque them to specification (in this instance, that's 50 ft. lbs. (68 Nm).

Fender Assembly

Almost done! Line up the two lower shock clevis assembly holes with the swing arm holes. Then, install the two retained bolts. You'll do the same with the upper chock clevis with the lower shock hole. Thread three nuts onto these three retained bolts, but don't tighten them.

Lower your floor jack and place the Slingshot back onto the floor. Now, you can torque the nuts to specification. Reinstall your rear belt guard with three retained Torx screws and torque to specification. Lastly, replace your license plate bracket and license plate.

Now, the rear fender is completely installed! If you're more of a video learner, there are a variety of how-to installation videos online you can use alongside our written guide. Depending on the brand of rear fender you choose and your Slingshot model, these instructions will vary due to the fact these are OEM guidelines. Aftermarket brands will have their own installation instructions. Not sure where to find high-quality rear fenders for your Slingshot? Check out our massive selection of wide and narrow rear fenders in an array of colors to match your model's color scheme.