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How to Get Your ATV Out of a Ditch

How to Get Your ATV Out of a Ditch

When riding an all-terrain vehicle, taking turns without decreasing speed can be a fun way to get some adrenaline. If you do this near a ditch and lose control, you end up with a problem. If you have ever experienced a stuck ATV, you know the hassle it can be, especially when stuck in a ditch. Whether you simply took a turn too fast, were riding ditches for fun but the weather made it impossible to get out, or you overestimated your ability to jump the ditch, getting unstuck can be a chore. Here are a few tips on how to get your ATV out of a ditch to help with this unique issue.

  1. 1. Don’t treat it the same as a mud hole

    When you get stuck in a mud hole while riding, you are dealing with a lower wall of ground surrounding your tires and axle whereas a ditch is higher up which presents its own challenges. For instance, in a typical hole, you don’t want to slow down because the speed can actually help get you out, but since a ditch may not have as clear an opening or be limited on space, you could end up running into the walls of the ditch and damaging the ATV further.

  2. 2. Drive to somewhere you can tow it using a truck

    One of the biggest things to remember about how to get your ATV out of a ditch is that you most likely will need to tow it with a truck. In order to do this, the ATV should be somewhere you can easily back the truck up to safely and successfully. While you can get tow straps with a considerable length to them, you need to keep the length of your available towing equipment in mind when pulling the truck up to tow it out. If possible, drive the ATV to a part of the ditch where you can get the truck in above the ditch.

  3. 3. Get it out before the ground is solid

    When towing an ATV from anywhere, time is not your friend. Most ATVs get stuck in muddy water, even in ditches, so once this mud dries up from the sun, your vehicle is even more stuck. It could also go the other way around with an onslaught of rain which makes the vehicle dig down deeper into the wet mud further complicating matters. Make sure when your ATV is stuck, you don’t leave it there overnight but rather make every effort to get it out that same day before conditions worsen.

  4. 4. Understand that this is not a one-person job

    Getting stuck in a ditch is a one-person task but getting unstuck is definitely a two-person task. While you can set up your winch and tow straps to the truck yourself, that’s as far as you should go on your own. One person should drive the truck and one person should stand a safe distance from the ATV to direct them and guide the ATV if necessary.