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History of Slingshots

History of Slingshots

There are plenty of vehicles on the market for the average consumer to have their pick. The Polaris Slingshot however is not for the average consumer looking to stay within the realm of the everyday or mundane. This is a vehicle made for those looking for something unique and truly innovative in its approach to design. When you learn more about the overall history of Slingshots, it only adds to the appeal of this intrepid vehicle.

The history of Slingshots is full of excitement and innovation as each new model introduced builds on the starting point of the lineup. The first Slingshot was introduced by Polaris in 2014 as part of their 2015 lineup. The original design was first created in 2010 by a group of Polaris engineers. The prototype was met with enthusiasm and was ordered to production by Polaris. The first models were produced in Spirit Lake, Iowa and arrived at dealerships in fall of 2014. The first models were the Slingshot S and Slingshot SL models and they were instantly the talk of the town.

The 2015 S was the first three-wheeled motorcycle of its kind on the market. It was an instant sensation as bold drivers flocked to it for something outside the ordinary. The ride was an interesting take on a motorcycle combined with a utility vehicle vibe. The SL version introduced at the same time offered a few extras for those looking for even more to love, such as multi-touch display, a convenient backup camera, and larger custom wheels for even more appeal. Both models offered a 2.4L Ecotec 4 cylinder engine with an enjoyable 173 horsepower. This open concept vehicle was made for the road and was perfect for those looking to enjoy a motorcycle element in more comfortable seating. There was also the fact that the vehicle gives a unique pull in the way it handles, and it has even been compared to the Batmobile in appearance. It's no wonder this sleek and exciting new ride turned so many heads from the start.

With the following years, Polaris would make a few adjustments and changes to the Slingshot. These were either in result of feedback from drivers or simply the manufacturer trying to fine-tune the design. For instance, the 2015-2016 models featured such changes as a navigation system, larger wheels, and some of the most unique paint jobs on the market.

In 2017, Polaris shook things up again with the SLR version. This Slingshot was the natural evolution in terms of design and performance. With added elements such as sport seats for added comfort, Sparco accessories, forged wheels, and turn-by-turn navigation, it was clear this was a different sort of Slingshot. This model was made to give a certain level of luxury while upping the performance aspect. The more cosmetic matters even evolved with the SLR featuring a stylish two-tone paint job.

While many manufacturers would take some time to rest on their laurels after such a banner year, Polaris came back the next year with ever more to offer. In 2018, they introduced the Slingshot Grand Touring model. This option is made for those long winding roads when you just need a joyride. This version offered such features as quilted seats for additional comfort, color matched fenders, and a stylish metallic paint. What really set it apart was the Slingshade top to offer better coverage on those sunny days when you just need to go for a ride. This model continues to build on the original with exciting new developments.

While other manufacturers take their time in developing their vehicles, Polaris made sure there would be plenty to talk about in the history of Slingshots. Each year brings a new model full of exciting new features for fans of this one-of-a-kind vehicle.