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Fog Proofing Riding Goggles

Fog Proofing Riding Goggles

When you are riding, the matter of visibility is crucial to safety. If you can't see in front of you, you are in greater danger of accidents or wrecking your favorite set of wheels. When you wear riding goggles while riding your ATV or UTV, the matter of fogging is a common concern for any rider. Here are a few useful tips and suggestions for fog proofing riding goggles before your next adventure.

Buy Fog Proof Goggles

For obvious reasons, the best way to go about fog proofing riding goggles is to buy an option with that as a main element of design. Not all goggles are made with anti-fogging materials or design, so you want to make sure the goggles you choose are specifically made for this purpose. The design element that sets anti-fogging glasses apart from others is found in the lenses themselves. Made with a special coating on the back of the lenses to hold the moisture that causes fogging, this type of goggle will then release the moisture evenly over time instead of collecting it inside the goggles to create fog.

While there are plenty of great options to meet a range of budgets on today's market, your best bet is to opt for quality over affordability on this item for several reasons. If you choose a more expensive option, chances are you are getting higher quality in terms of construction and durability which will make them last longer. Opting for the better quality option will also help to ensure better performance overall which is important. If you are riding in cold climates often, it is best to just invest in a high-quality pair of anti-fog goggles because they are certainly worth the price.

Try a Little Dish Soap

Even fog proof goggles can still fog up a little bit. This doesn't mean they are ineffective or poor quality, but when riding in more extreme temperatures, it is still a possibility. If you are experiencing fogging while riding, there is a simple trick a lot of riders use. Before heading out for your next winter ride, make sure your goggle lenses are clean and free from dirt, and then take a drop of liquid dish soap per lens and use a soft lens cloth to rub it into the lens. You don't want to use too much and don't use water. The idea is to use the dish soap as a coating to help prevent fogging.

Don't Over-bundle

Another suggestion for fog proofing riding goggles is to look at how much gear and apparel you are wearing. Fog is caused by the heat of your body meeting the cold temperature surrounding you. While you definitely need to stay warm during cold rides, you don't want to be too warm to where you are hot and sweating in spite of the colder temperatures. This will only cause more fog to accumulate inside the googles. The key is to wear only the layers you need to stay warm but not hot. You should also wear winter riding apparel made with moisture wicking properties to keep you dry.