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Disinfecting Polaris Slingshots

Disinfecting Polaris Slingshots

Polaris Slingshots are a blast to drive, turning heads no matter where you go. With the recent shifts in sanitation efforts due to the COVID-19 virus, your Slingshot is the perfect place for bacteria to accumulate. The steering wheel, interior door panels, and other commonly touched areas are places that the virus can live for days on end. After returning to your Slingshot after stopping at the gas station, dining in a restaurant, or shopping, unclean hands could potentially have coronavirus present on them. You unknowingly transfer these germs and bacteria to your vehicle as soon as you touch surfaces inside it. So, how do you disinfect your Polaris Slingshot? There are several ways in which you can sanitize your ride so it’s a safer environment for you, your family, and friends. Follow these steps for a cleaner and better protected Slingshot.

  1. Wash Your Slingshot: The first step is to get your Slingshot as clean as possible. Take out everything that you’ve placed in it, like emergency items, phone chargers, and anything else. These items will need to be sanitized on their own. Wash the Slingshot as your normally would, clearing away dirt, mud, and grime from the body, wheels, and tires. Fully vacuum and wipe down your interior as well. When it’s looking sparkling clean, you can move on to sanitizing it.

  2. Slingshot Disinfection: The plastics and other materials found in your Slingshot are easily damaged. For example, using harsh chemicals like bleach can discolor and deteriorate your interior over time. Because of this, there are specific disinfectants you can use that won’t cause damage.

    One great option is the Simoniz RTU Interior Car Surface Sanitizer, Disinfectant & Deodorizer. This option is made specifically for cars, so it’ll be ideal for your Slingshot. You can use it on leather, cloth, and carpets, allowing you to get your interior as sanitized as possible. Simoniz notes that users should wear gloves when using this disinfectant and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before wiping. There are other products like this one if you find something similar. Ensure it’s safe for use in vehicles.

    Another option many are using for disinfecting is vapor. Sanitizing with vapor, or steam machines, has been around for a long time. Steam is perfect for detailing, helping to loosen dried on tar, chemicals, and stains from the exterior and interior. It’s also great for sanitization, killing bacteria for cleaner spaces. Steamers are pricy, so if you feel that you’d get enough use out of it for your Slingshot and other vehicles, it’s definitely worth the buy. Otherwise, you can find an auto detail shop that has one.

    If you’re willing to go a step further, consider Ultraviolet (UV) light sanitation. There are different types of UV light (UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C), but UV-C light is typically used to eliminate harmful bacteria. The power of the light has the strength to dismantle the genetic RNA and DNA of both bacteria and viruses. Crazy, right? UV disinfection lamps are sold from a variety of sources, like Smart UV and GHSP. Using this option has benefits like 0 chemicals and no labor costs if you purchase your own UV lights. They can be used to sanitize your Slingshot and even high touch areas throughout your home! Using UV light to sterilize is becoming increasingly popular because of this. Automakers like Hyundai are already looking into this technology for their vehicles.

  3. Other Ways of Keeping your Slingshot Sanitized: Whether you’ve tried out one or all of the sanitization methods previously mentioned, there are a few other ways in which you can be proactive about keeping bacteria and virus away from high touch surfaces in your Slingshot. The first is easy – wash your hands! Keeping your hands washed drastically decreases the number of bacteria transferred to surfaces. If you can’t wash with soap and water, apply a hand sanitizer for the time being. Keep your phone, keys, and other high touch items in a designated bag or area that you remember to sanitize. Your phone is a hot spot for germs, so even tossing it in a cupholder or the passenger seat will spread bacteria. For passengers, ensure they too are entering the Slingshot with clean hands. Only bring items you need for each ride. If you chose a spray disinfectant, spray your interior down after each use.

It may seem a little much to consider steaming and UV lights to sanitize your Slingshot, but bacteria and viruses are not to be taken lightly – especially COVID-19. By adding these disinfecting methods, you will be actively decreasing the likelihood of catching the virus. Plus, you will be proactive in keeping family and friends safe, which is just as important as keeping yourself protected. Don’t take chances on your health! Keep your Polaris Slingshot and other vehicles clean and sanitized as often as possible.