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Choosing the Best Timbersled Apparel

Choosing the Best Timbersled Apparel

The Polaris Timbersled is a unique machine made for winter fun. This intrepid snowbike gives riders a smooth yet exciting ride through snowy terrains all season long. When it comes to riding enjoyment, you need the right gear for this unique type of riding. Let's take a look at choosing the best Timbersled apparel to make the most of your riding season in comfort.


When it comes to choosing the best Timbersled apparel, layers are key. Any type of winter riding requires a layered approach to clothing to keep you warm and comfortable. Layering is also great because it gives you the option of removing a layer at a time if you do end up getting hot. There are lots of options on the market for layering while riding in the snow.

For starters, you will need some comfortable, lightweight tees with moisture wicking properties. Since these shirts will be the layer closest to the body, you want moisture wicking to remove sweat and prevent any chance of hypothermia. The base layer is meant to keep you dry and aid in warmth. The next layer will be the mid layer which is usually made to trap body heat in and keep you warm as its sole focus. Mid layer apparel would be long sleeved shirts, thermals, and other options made to trap in heat. You want to choose certain materials for this type of apparel when choosing layering such as wool, thermal knits, and other heavier materials. The final layer is the outer shell. This level should help trap in heat while protecting you from the wind and moisture. From riding jackets to riding pants, there are plenty of options on the market for this part.

Regardless of which brands you choose, you want to make sure the apparel is made specifically for winter riding needs. You also want to make sure the materials are high quality to last though seasons of riding. The key is to opt for quality over saving money because once you are out in the cold, you will wish you had invested in quality gear from the start.


When choosing the best Timbersled apparel, too many riders overlook their feet while shopping. Your feet are crucial to your ability to ride and you need the right riding boots. They give you the stability you need to keep your balance while riding and the traction needs of walking on wet, snowy ground. Riding boots for snowy riding are different from your standard riding boots for other weather conditions. For starters, they will have the best in traction to deal with snowy, icy terrain, and they will also have a focus on insulating warmth in the boot. You should also look for boots with waterproof exteriors to help keep your feet warm and comfortable.

While the boots are a key part of choosing apparel for winter riding on your Timbersled, socks should also be on your list. Socks are key to keeping your feet warm, insulated, dry, and happy! When shopping for this item, any old pair simply will not cut it for winter riding. You want socks that are thick to help keep feet warm but also moisture wicking to keep feet dry. You also want reinforced heels and toes to aid in longevity and support.

Headwear and More

While the layering and footwear are the main areas we think of when it comes to winter riding on the Timbersled, you should never ignore areas such as the head or hands. When choosing the best timbersled apparel, a helmet should be at the top of your shopping list. A helmet will protect against accidents, impacts, and keep the wind/snow/sleet out of your face to a degree. When shopping for a helmet, make sure it offers industry standard protection against impacts and never buy a used helmet. A helmet is meant for a one time impact so you shouldn't take that chance.

You will also need a pair of goggles for riding. Riding in the snow requires different goggles than other weather riding. When looking for goggles, you want to find options that have such features as antifogging, antiglare, and some form of sun protection for added convenience. The goggles also need to fit securely over your helmet so keep that in mind when choosing the right pair for you.

In terms of headwear, you will also need other items made for keeping you warm. You have a range of options on the market such as balaclavas, caps, and neck warmers. These items help protect you from the wind and keep you warm by adding insulation to a harder to insulate area of the body. It is also worth noting that the majority of heat loss occurs through the head so protecting this area is crucial for riding in the snow. For this item, look for wool or thermal knit beanies to trap in warmth and moisture-wicking materials for balaclavas.

You also want to protect your hands while riding. The right pair of gloves are crucial to your ability to ride in a safe manner. The Timbersled handlebars, grips, and controls require constant attention to ride safely. If your fingers are too cold and frozen to properly navigate these areas, you are creating a safety hazard and a whole lot of discomfort. The right pair of gloves is the only solution. They also keep your hands warm and protect them from injuries in the event of an accident. You will want to choose gloves made of durable materials such as fleece interior and leather or nylon exteriors. This will add a layer of insulation while keeping hands dry. You can even opt for heated gloves if you are riding in particularly cold weather or looking for added comfort.