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Best ATV Apparel

Best ATV Apparel

If you are a proud all-terrain vehicle owner, you already know there are a few must-have items in terms of gear. The clothing you wear while riding can make or break any ride for even the best rider. When it comes to the best ATV apparel, we have rounded up all the must-have options so your collection will be complete.

  1. Helmet: When looking at the best ATV apparel to have on-hand, a helmet is a nonnegotiable item. Helmets protect your head from injury in the event of an accident or being thrown off the ride. They also keep debris from flying up at your face and impeding your focus or vision. A helmet should be one of the first things you buy in terms of ATV gear because it is that important. The key when shopping for this item is to check that the helmet meets your needs. You want an option that is made with safety and impacts in mind, but you should also keep in mind any important features like a camera mount if you intend to use your GoPro on rides. You should also check the ventilation to make sure the helmet is breathable for a comfortable experience while riding.

  2. Goggles: While a helmet is important, another one of the best pieces of gear for an ATV rider is a pair of goggles. Goggles go over the helmet and provide extra protection to your eyes from dirt, debris, and other issues common to ATV riding. When looking for this item, look for antifogging technology to avoid any issues with visibility.

  3. Gloves: As one of the more important items to add to your collection, gloves are easily in the best ATV apparel category. Gloves give you a host of benefits to make riding easier. For starters, gloves give you a better grip on the handlebars to aid in maneuverability. They also offer a bit of protection for the delicate area of hands in case of an accident. The skin on your hands is rather thin, leaving it especially vulnerable to injury. Gloves protect this delicate area while also safeguarding your knuckles from scrapes in an accident. Gloves also keep your hands warm in cold weather riding for added benefit.

  4. Boots: Similar to gloves, boots are a matter of function and protection in one. The right boots can make it easier to keep the proper riding position thanks to the stability they give the foot. They are also great at giving you traction when walking on muddy or wet ground before riding. The most important thing boots do is protect the ankle and foot from damage in the event of an accident. While they are not 100 percent foolproof, they will save your skin in the event of an accident, and the added support can even reduce the likelihood of breaking some of the more fragile bones in the foot.

  5. Pants: One of the best ATV apparel items that is sometimes overlooked is a great pair of riding pants. While you could technically ride in just about any kind of pants or shorts, there are benefits to riding pants much like everything else on this list. Riding pants protect your legs from scratches when riding through brush or in the event of being throw from the ATV. They are also usually made in moisture wicking materials to keep you dry and comfortable during rides. They will also have more pockets for storing essentials.

  6. Jacket: While most people think of a riding jacket as more of a motorcycle riders’ apparel, ATV riders need a good jacket for a few reasons. A jacket protects you from winds while riding and help keep you warm for cooler weather rides. A jacket, much like boots and gloves, can help add a layer of protection in the event of an accident. They can also protect you from rain if you hit a bit of bad weather during the ride. If you want to ride but keep your shirt somewhat clean, a jacket also acts as a barrier against mud and dirt while riding.

    The best thing about adding a riding jacket to your riding apparel is that there are different types available for every occasion or preference. For example, there are mid layer, outer shell, rain jackets, and more to help you get the right option in terms of weight and function.

  7. Camo: Since an all-terrain vehicle can be used in a range of ways, the gear you will need depends on how you plan to use it. If you are using your ATV for hunting purposes, you will need some camo apparel. The good news is that there are lots of options on the market for adding camo riding gear to your collection of apparel. From jackets and caps to shirts and pants, there are enough camo options to give you the blending in coverage you need for hunting on your ATV.

  8. Protective padding (TEK gear): Another form of apparel you need for your ATV riding collection is TEK gear. This lineup of protective padding gives you added peace of mind when riding. It comes in important items such as chest pads, knee pads, and arm pads to protect important areas prone to injuries. This is great for new riders just getting used to riding, as well as those doing extreme riding or even racing, to help keep you safe in the event of an accident or being thrown from the vehicle.