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Best ATV Accessories

Best ATV Accessories

Like most things, the more you can customize something, the better the experience you have with it. For ATVs, having relevant accessories can easily enhance your rides during the season, whether they’re designed for comfort, safety, or even hunting. Maybe you need something to hold your phone securely or additional storage for supplies. Or, maybe you’d like to have more emergency equipment on hand. Of all the accessories on the market today, there are a few that are absolute must-haves for any rider. Here are the 10 best ATV accessories to add to your 4-wheeler.

  1. Storage Options: Storage is the top accessory to have, as you need reliable areas to store all types of things. From dry bags to rear storage boxes, you can equip your ATV with tons of options to store additional clothing, emergency items, your electronics, food, extra riding gear, and so much more.

  2. ATV Cover: A high-quality cover is a must for those who want to preserve their ATVs as much as they can. A cover will repel water during storms and keep the sun from damaging your plastics and seat if you store the ATV outdoors. During the off-season, covers will help keep critters away, as small animals tend to nest inside ATVs.

  3. Pull Winch: You’ll need a good pull winch to free ATVs from the mud. This happens more than you think, so equip your ATV with a winch from a reputable manufacturer so you can get yourself or a buddy un-stuck from sketchy areas.

  4. Battery Charger: When the ATV isn’t in use, the battery must be kept on a charge to prevent it from dying. A Battery Tender is a popular option that’s lightweight and spark-proof. Use one of these when you have an off-week or it’s time to put your ATV in storage for the season.

  5. First Aid Kit: These might seem like a given, but you’d be surprised at the numbers of people who ride without them. You can find great ones online that exceed the OSHA and ANSI guidelines. You can also assemble your own kit with useful items that would be required for an outdoor accident. Band-Aids, rubbing alcohol, antiseptic wipes, burn ointment, cold compresses, gauze, antihistamine, and other essentials are great additions. The objective is to have options to treat wounds and injuries right away until you’re away from the trails.

  6. LED Lights: Do you find yourself riding at twilight or very early in the morning? If so, adding an LED light or two to your ATV will light up the road ahead far better than standard bulbs. These are also great to have during rainstorms. It’s also worth noting that LEDs look great on ATVs.

  7. Portable Gas Can: You never know when you or a buddy will need extra gas! Even if you leave home completely full, rides could go on longer than anticipated and you’ll need the additional fuel. Always keep a filled gas can on your ATV, which can be secured with an attachment or bungee straps.

  8. GPS System: You might say, “Well my phone has a great GPS!”, but without service on those back trails, it’s useless. Invest in a GPS system that works without the need of cellular signal, so you always have a guide back home. Popular GPS systems include those from Garmin and TomTom.

  9. Emergency Tools: There are a few different tools that you should have on hand in the event of an emergency. Some of these include wrenches and sockets (8mm, 10mm, and 13mm), as well as a utility blade, a tire pump, some towing straps, tire plug kits, and a tire gauge. These will help you keep your tires in line as you traverse different types of terrain.

  10. Loading Ramps: These are a must if you need to haul your ATV to the riding destination. There are many different types of loading ramps out there, so choose ones that suit your vehicle and don’t forget to fasten them down with straps, so they don’t slide while loading.

These are just a few of the many ATV accessories available to you. These help provide the peace of mind you need when it’s time to step away from the work week and head to the trails or wherever else you ride. Many of them are essentials that newer riders may not have considered. While these ATV accessories are the best to have, you can always add more. Some riders upgrade their sound systems for awesome tunes playing for the group, while others add heated grips and throttle extension for enhanced comfort. It truly depends on your riding style and what your preferences are while riding. Make your ATV all your own with these accessories!