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ATV Maintenance Tips

ATV Maintenance Tips

When looking for ways to make the most of your all-terrain vehicle, the matter of maintaining it will help it last longer and ride better. Here are a few ATV maintenance tips to help you protect your favorite set of wheels and ensure a happy life together.

  1. 1. Check the battery

    One of the most important ATV maintenance tips is to check the battery regularly. The battery along with the engine is the heart of the machine. You should check the battery for scratches or abrasions, as well as any erosion on the terminals. If you have build-up on the terminals, you should disconnect the battery and clean them with a mixture of baking soda and water to get them back to a cleaner state. This will ensure you aren’t losing a charge on your battery due to the terminals working extra hard to get through the crud. You also shouldn’t leave the battery untouched for a long time because this can cause it to drain over time.

  2. 2. Pay attention to fluids

    The fluids of your vehicle are crucial to how the machine runs. From brake fluid and oil to fuel stabilizers, the right fluid levels are needed for optimal performance. In fact, if these levels are regularly checked, you could end up with a host of issues like a locked engine or bad brakes when you need to stop.

  3. 3. Check smaller elements

    There are a lot of small elements that go into making your ATV run smoothly. For example, spark plugs and air filters are two smaller and less thought of elements of maintenance that are crucial to the way your ATV performs and holds up over time. Make sure you don’t neglect the smaller aspects of the vehicle.

  4. 4. Take care of tires

    Some of the most important ATV maintenance tips are for the tires. The tires are the key to traction, which is important on an ATV, so neglecting this area could cost you over time. Make sure the air pressure isn’t too low or too high over the recommended air pressure. Check regularly for punctures or loss of tread.

  5. 5. Check lugs of wheels

    Another one of the most useful ATV maintenance tips is to regularly check the lugs of your wheels. The lugs are usually pretty tight when you first buy the ATV, but as you ride over rough terrains and the ATV deals with repeated shocks and vibrations, those important lugs can loosen. A good rule of thumb is to tighten the lugs each time you check the air in the tires.