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ATV Helmet Sizing

ATV Helmet Sizing

As you're shopping for a new ATV helmet, how do you know which size you actually need? After all, helmets aren't a one-size-fits-all thing, so how is this sizing determined? To have the safest riding experience possible, a well-fitting ATV helmet is essential. If you were to be involved in a crash, your helmet is the only thing in between your head and the road. By taking the proper measurements of your head, you can ensure you choose the right size helmet that fits snug, but not too loose or tight. We'll help you get the right measurements to determine the best ATV helmet for you.

What's Your Head Shape?

Did you know that your head shape plays a major role in helmet size? Manufacturers take head shapes into consideration when designing their helmets, so they can assist everyone. There are three shapes that accommodate the majority.

Intermediate Oval

The most common shape is intermediate oval, where front-to-back measurements are longer than side-to-side. This is measured form the forehead to the largest area at the back of the skull.

Long Oval

This head shape is longer front-to-back than side-to-side. This shape is about ½" or more longer than intermediate oval.

Round Oval

The front-to-back measurements of round oval head shapes are very proportionate to the side-to-side measurements.

ATV Helmet Sizing

Use a tailor's tape measure to determine the measurements of your head. For the most accurate numbers, have your spouse or friend help you do this. Wrap the measuring tape around the head above the ears and a half inch above the eyebrows. This is the fullest part of the head. Take the measurement on the forehead. Use this head circumference measurement to purchase a helmet. You can find sizing charts online for most ATV helmets. Don't assume your size for one brand is the same for another. This is also true for different styles of helmets, as a full-face style will have a different fit than a modular. Always double check to ensure you're purchasing the right size.

Are your kids ATV riders? It's important to take new measurements for their helmets every year as they grow. That helmet from a year ago may already be too small! Keep them comfortable and secure by checking their helmets before the riding seasons begins.

How Should My Helmet Fit?

Got your new ATV helmet? Great! Let's check to make sure it's right. After placing it on your head, how does it feel? Too tight? It should feel a bit tight, but not painful. There should be no "hot spots," which are areas that put pressure on points of the skull or face. Over time, the helmet will loosen a very small degree as it molds to your head. Is it too loose? If you can stick a finger in-between your head and the helmet interior, it's not tight enough. You should have good peripheral vision without the helmet creating blind spots. If the helmet interferes with your vision in any way, the sizing may be off. Many retailers offer free exchanges if you find that the helmet you ordered is not 100% right.

Finding the right size ATV helmet is easy! Taking the measurements of the head takes just seconds and can be used alongside helmet size charts on any manufacturer or retailer's site. At Polaris Parts Nation, we offer dozens of officially licensed Polaris helmets for adult and youth riders. You can find great deals on the styles you love in the right size you need for yourself or another rider in the family. A well-fitted helmet ensures both safety and comfort while riding ATVs and will last for several years before another needs to be purchased.